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Here, we have one simple way to release your stress 

That can be used as a huge squishy, plush cushion and hug & Lean pillow.


Good quality relaxation has become a luxury that many cannot seem to afford. It's a FACT that we need to release our stress to be healthy and function properly.


People want to touch the soft like squishies and slimes because it solves the lack of sensual desires in society. It relieves anxiety throughout the daily life and feels satisfies with the touch of them. Although the culture has becoming diversified, the most basic sense is not satisfied to many people. Playing with objects such as slime gives people a relaxing sensation that relieves stress. 


Cloud nine is safe & functional in its healthy & comfy way!

Memory foam or EPS Styrofoam has an unpleasant smell and is unhealthy. If the beads leak out, they can be inhaled and  Memory foam releases dangerous VOC gas. Squishies and Slime also have a dangerous amount of chemicals that are hazardous to your health. 


CL9 Removed The Chemical Harm but keeps the TOUCH. 


Special 100% polyester gel fiber

The result of using a Siliconized Micro Denier 100% Polyester Gel Fiber is the most smart and high quality down-alternative cushion.  


Siliconized polyester filler is a type of filler created from synthetic fiber, polyester, which is treated with a silicate material. This silicone coating adds a feather-like touch to the fill, which makes it very slippery, soft and easy to work with. The siliconized process also makes the fiber resistant to bacteria, non-allergenic. 



Small squishy is the perfect size to play with. You can use it as an indoor playing ball.   


Medium size cushion is just right to hug and hold onto. Use it when you take a nap or just to rest on.


The Jumbo ball is ideal for using as body pillow. It is huggable, leanable, and seatable. Just sink into it gives you the feeling that you are floating on the clouds.


CL9 has a very unique smooth, gummy & squishy feeling.You can hug it, lean on it, sink into it and use it as a cushion or pillow for any occasion.



  • Small Cushion
  • Medium Cushion
  • Jumbo Cushion


Care: Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water with mild detergent. Tumble dry set on low heat setting or air dry. Add dryer balls to keep it fluffy. Reshape the cushion with your hands after it is dried to return to its original shape. CL9 all fabrics and fillings are machine washable, but depends on the size of your washing machine, we recommend washing the cover only for the jumbo cushion. 


Note: Items are compressed for shipping. We recommend opening as soon as possible. Compressed filling takes up to a day to regain its original size and shape. 



CL9Jumbo Cloud Cushion