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IDEAPOT believes that ingenious ideas and brands can change the world.

We are a maker, exclusive brand booster, distributor, and wholesaler with a concentration on fashion, home, pet, and lifestyle products for more than 18 years of professional experience in e-commerce and major chain stores dealing as a broker.

We're taking remarkable ideas and design concepts and turning them into brands and products spanning diverse sectors such as home and lifestyle, fashion, pet, and outdoor activities. These products are being distributed worldwide, including in the United States

Currently, we have close relationships with 3,000 lifestyle retail stores across the United States, allowing us to supply your brand products quickly. We continuously study market responses to pioneer new markets, and we have plans to expand distribution not only in the United States but also into the Canadian, European, and South American markets.

Our team is constantly eager to partner with other brands, designers, and manufacturers to bring innovative ideas and concepts to life, develop new brands, and create unique products. We welcome collaboration and look forward to working together to turn creative visions into reality.


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